18 unknown Things You Don’t Want to Hear About YouTube Secrets that are not good for your health

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YouTube Secrets Review shows you the advantages and disadvantages of this development

You’ve probably heard of the so-called influencers who make their money online through social media. Recently, there are more and more video bloggers who earn thousands of money with banal topics. Why? Because these people uploaded their videos to the largest video sharing site, YouTube. They can turn their videos into cash. Creating an excellent and engaging video can be time consuming and hard work. Mike Williams’ new “YouTube Secrets” digital course shows you how to earn money on YouTube without making your video.

What are YouTube Secrets?

The YouTube Secrets course is digital. He gradually introduces you to the secrets of earning money on YouTube. You’ll learn how to make money with the most popular video sharing site, YouTube. On this website, users can upload, view, share, and comment on their videos. You know that people earn their videos. If you say oh well, make great money with YouTube, but I do not understand how it works, YouTube Secrets is right for you at the beginning.

The author and creator of Youtube Secrets, names himself Mike Williams, says that there is a right recipe or better a correct formula to be successful with this method. He also says if you do not know how to make a video and what equipment you need, you can still make money. This course will teach you the necessary know-how.

 18 unknown Things You Don’t Want to Hear About YouTube Secrets that are not good for your health

Who is the Creator of YouTube Secrets?

The creator of YouTube Secrets for me unknown. It may be the video’s spokesman but not the man to be seen in the video. The person you see on the sales video made with a Fiverr gig is not the real Mike Williams.  I do not think that’s very trustworthy. As a seller, honesty and openness are a top priority. The developers, of course, recommend this product with the ulterior motive to sell it.

 18 unknown Things You Don’t Want to Hear About YouTube Secrets that are not good for your health He discovered at some point that he could make money with small videos on YouTube. This software doesn’t require technical knowledge and even without having to film themselves. He says he earned over $ 10,000 a month in just a few minutes of work a week. The developer wants to share his knowledge with his buyers. He speaks of a secret in his program.

How to Use YouTube Secrets?

As mentioned above, YouTube secrets consist of 30 individual training chapters that logically build on each other. After paying the course, you will receive your login data for the member’s area. All you need to do is look in your confirmation email. There are the registration data. After your login, you have access to all your training materials and specialized tools.

The contents of the Training

The training includes the exact steps to earn money with YouTube. As I said, you do not need to shoot your videos; you use the millions of videos on YouTube that are copyright free. With those, you will earn your money in the future. Of course, you can also record a video yourself or cut a segment out of a video. You use it for your purposes and upload it to your channel. You can also create your videos because you’ll also learn how to get the best views without having to resort to schemas. With more movies, you can monetize your channel even more.

You will receive a total of 30 educational videos with step-by-step instructions in this course. The topics or lessons are:

  • Setting up your YouTube channel,
  • the video editing,
  • how to write descriptions with profitable keywords,
  • How do you get more visitors?
  • Working with statistics,
  • How do you connect and send messages to my subscribers?
  • Also, there are valuable tools and tips to help you earn money.


1. It’s a step-by-step tutorial with 30 lessons that will help you get more passive income. As a platform, you have the largest video sharing website, YouTube.

2. According to author Mike Williams, you do not need a lot of time each week. Just about 30 minutes to earn your first money.

3. For the course, the author offers you single coaching with additional tips and tools.

4. A guide to creating your YouTube channel, how to use your channel for advertising, and getting your subscribers’ behavior patterns.

5. It does not matter where you do it, there are no location restrictions. It works everywhere.

6. You get unlimited email support and professional FREE update.

7. There are many positive reviews from previous buyers.

8. You can first use the trial for seven days for a dollar.

9. The developer also gives a 60-day money-back guarantee for his creation. You either earn money with YouTube, or you get the purchase price refunded.


1. You pay a monthly fee for the subscription. The 7-day trial costs $ 1; then the subscription costs $ 27 / month.

2. What is needed is a consistently reliable internet connection.

3. The claim that you immediately earn money and only have to work for 30 minutes per week is somewhat unrealistic with several million websites.


YouTube Secrets is a blueprint for making money from YouTube, the largest video sharing site. It’s better to create your own YouTube channel. You can benefit from it even if you do not have your video content. YouTube Secrets teaches you to earn money with YouTube in the future. It promises to make money without too much hard work, which I see as very critical. But with this program, you have many opportunities to earn money. You do not have to be very creative; you can record your videos or use someone else’s free videos for your purposes. With the tips and tools of this program, you can make money after some time.

Of course, this requires more effort than the developer may think. To be successful against the big fish of the market becomes more and more difficult. The training course makes it easier for you to get started and gives you the help you need to succeed. Positive is just that you can do that without technical or film knowledge. If you are serious and want to make money from your YouTube channel, YouTube Secrets will undoubtedly help you. If you are serious and you want to make money from your YouTube channel, YouTube Secrets will undoubtedly help you.