Steroids in bodybuilding and how you can recover quickly from 16 long term effects

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Steroids in bodybuilding are there anything you can do with the word steroids?

If you are familiar with fitness or bodybuilding, steroids have been known there for some time for their muscle growth-promoting effects.

In my article, steroids in bodybuilding,  I will show you what to look out for if you think you need to take them.
Pronounced, we are talking about nothing else than DOPING!

Surely some of you steroid consumers know the inflated muscle men who can hardly move properly. Some researches show us that steroid consumption has more negative side effects in the long term than previously thought.

Many former GDR athletes know this from painful experience.

What are Steroids in bodybuilding, and how do they work?

We distinguish between two types of steroids.

Natural Steroids in bodybuilding occurs not only in the human organism but also in animals, plants, and fungi. They perform many different biochemical tasks such as vitamins, sex hormones such as estrogens in women and androgens in men, bile acid, or toxins.

In humans and animals, the body produces essential proteins and steroid hormones from the steroid cholesterol. Another steroid produced by the body is cortisol, which belongs to the group of glucocorticoids.

In addition to natural steroids, there are also artificially produced Steroids in bodybuilding. These include anabolic steroids which serve to build muscle. They are similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. These steroids are known as illicit doping substances.

You can use other artificial steroids in the form of synthetic hormones for medical purposes. Such as hydrocortisone or progesterone.

Definition of Steroids in bodybuilding

In scientific explanations, steroids are organic compounds with a characteristic chemical structure. These include naturally occurring chemical compounds such as morphine, hormones, and vitamins.

We focus here on sport, and from now on, we mean anabolic steroids. These are artificial substances that have similar effects to testosterone in the body. That includes increased muscle growth, faster regeneration, strength, and fat reduction.

In short, steroids increase protein synthesis rates or, conversely, reduce protein degradation rates. Both lead to faster muscle growth.
The effects on body fat reduction vary from drug to drug. We don’t want to go into detail here.
You need to know that this is part of the steroid “package.”

Testosterone is the best-known steroid. Many other drugs are very popular with athletes and bodybuilders like Nandrolone, Methandrostenolone, or Trenbolone.

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Why so many different kinds of drugs?

Each drug has its profile in terms of efficacy, toxicity, side effects, and synergism. If you mix and match them, you can achieve your muscle-building goals in different ways.

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How effective are Steroids in bodybuilding?

Many bodybuilders want you to believe that their muscular body is just the result of a hard workout. But everybody has its natural limits, so do its muscles. If you want to exceed those limits, you need additives, i.e., steroids.

It takes a lot of hard training and that for years to build up a first-class body structure. Extreme bodybuilders also need a lot of medication.
Before we talk about the natural limits of muscle growth and fat loss, here’s a quick look at the facts about steroids.

Maastricht Study

A Maastricht University study found that over ten weeks, the average muscle gain in men was between 4 and 11 pounds. They were doing resistance training and taking anabolic Steroids in bodybuilding at the same time.

The most substantial amount of muscle growth was nearly 16 pounds of lean muscle mass.
Most scientifically-based models of natural muscle growth say that men cannot gain 20 to 25 pounds in their first year of strength training (women about half).

With the right steroid cycle, training, and diet program, in just 2 to 4 months, you can achieve what would take a year with regular exercise and behavior. Disproportionate muscle growth is not the only benefit of taking testosterone. Steroids in bodybuilding also help to stay slim.

Research shows that testosterone has a direct effect on the formation of fat cells. That explains why higher testosterone levels are associated with lower body fat levels and vice versa (lower testosterone levels with more upper body fat levels). Other steroids also promote a slimmer, more muscular physique.

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How much muscle can you naturally build?

Do you sometimes wonder when actors say they have trained 30 or 40 pounds of muscle mass in a few months? You sit there and staunch. You wonder in what way they did it?

I’ll make it easy for you: it’s theoretically and practically impossible for someone who has trained regularly. An athlete can’t build 30-40 pounds of muscle mass in a few months or a year.

There is one exception: you are a beginner and thin. Then you may be able to gain 18-20 pounds of muscle in one year.

What’s the matter with you?

Your genetic muscle potential is not yet activated. In other words, you don’t have much muscle growth, however.
According to an Aragon model, advanced bodybuilders, close to their genetic potential, can gain 0.25% to 0.5% of their body weight in lean muscle mass per month. That makes the above appear in a completely different light.

It is rare to see a natural bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast gain more than 2-3 pounds of lean muscle in a year. Therefore, it is an achievement if an experienced bodybuilder gets 7-10 pounds more lean muscles in a year.

With a sensible, structured nutrition and training program, a 150-pound beginner can potentially gain 18-27 pounds of lean muscle per year. A 170-pound massive fitness enthusiast can win a maximum of 10-15 pounds of muscle mass.

Once you can separate myth and reality about natural muscle building, you’re on the right track. If you train hard, eat healthily, be patient, and it will happen!

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What are the positive effects of steroids?

Everything has a right and wrong side of steroid use in bodybuilding. We know the saying that everything depends on the dose. That also applies to steroids. Steroids are drugs that are important for the functions and developments of the human body.

Steroids in sport have a terrible reputation in society. They are known to have several positive effects on the human body. If doctors prescribe them in the right amount, it is unlikely that they will cause much harm to the individual.

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Some of these positive effects of Steroids in bodybuilding:

⦁ Steroids can significantly shorten recovery times in humans. For example, cortisol is a hormone that your body produces to help it cope with stress. It is responsible for causing damage to muscle tissue and slowing the recovery time of the human body. Steroids are known to regulate the production of this hormone when a person’s body is stressed. That helps the body to recover much faster from persistent injuries, and you have endurance training.

⦁ Another positive effect is that they increase the muscle size of the user. Steroids increase nitrogen levels in the body. Higher nitrogen levels allow the body to produce more protein. That is an essential factor in the development of more muscles. Muscles begin to develop without training. If you also run a training program, this can lead to dramatic results.

⦁ Steroids are also known to reduce your body fat significantly. Although no particular reason is known, there are many indications that steroid users are losing body fat because their metabolic rate is higher. Medical experiments show that steroids tend to accelerate the generators of electricity in the body’s cells and thus oxidize fat. Electric generators are the mitochondria.

⦁ Teriparatide is a steroid used to treat osteoporosis. It tends to prevent fractures by strengthening the bones. You can also use it to treat arthritis and several types of cancer.

⦁ Steroids are also responsible for regulating an overactive immune system.

⦁ Steroids have proven to be a positive accelerator of red blood cell production. The concentration of red blood cells depends directly on the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. An increase in production brings numerous benefits to the body, including the treatment of anemia.

⦁ Steroids significantly improve athletic performance. Users have more energy and endurance. You can tear down limits during training. That is one reason why bodybuilders are strongly attracted to steroids.

⦁ Steroids for men who have problems with sexual performance. Testosterone replacement therapy is a procedure for men who are no longer able to produce it in the required amount. Testosterone production varies from person to person. Therefore, there is no fixed standard for the amount of testosterone a body needs to produce.

⦁ Steroids are also in use in HIV and cancer patients. They help to restore appetite and stop muscle mass loss in HIV and cancer patients. That allows these patients to recover and feel better.

⦁ Steroids lead the user to an improvement in physical performance. But be careful not to abuse them.


What are the adverse effects of Steroids in bodybuilding?

Anabolic steroids are artificial hormones and act on the whole body. Some of the side effects are the same for all users. Other side effects are specifically due to sex and age.

Steroid use can change the average hormonal production in the body. You can reverse the most side effects. You have to stop taking them. Some side effects, such a deep voice in women, may persist.

Common side effects of steroids in bodybuilding may include:
⦁ Hair Loss
⦁ Acne all over your body
⦁ Liver Disease
⦁ Heart diseases (stroke and heart attack)
⦁ Kidney diseases
⦁ mood swings, increased aggressiveness
⦁ Hypertension (high blood pressure)
⦁ High Cholesterol Level
⦁ man breasts
⦁ Infertility
⦁ Shrink testicles
⦁ Menstrual disorders
⦁ Slower growth in teenagers
⦁ Risk of bacterial or viral infection from non-sterile injections
⦁ Excess body and facial hair
⦁ The deeper voice in women and men, this is known as dysphonia.

The side effects of steroids are the results of excess amounts of testosterone. Any drug that affects or alters the inner workings and systems of the body has effects.

Along with the side effects of steroids, you must keep the following points in mind:
⦁ No person taking steroids has any side effects
⦁ There may be some steroid users who have very few or none side effects
⦁ The severity varies according to the individual.
⦁ The side effects depend on several factors and depend on your own body.


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Positive Thinking Effects on Your Brain and Health

Steroids in bodybuilding conclusion:

Many athletes in the bodybuilding and fitness industry take artificial steroids. In many bodybuilding competitions, there is no doping control for men and women.
The playing field is then open for those who want to gain a competitive advantage through the use of steroids. The mentality of “short-term gain and long-term reward” begins to form among these athletes when it comes to competition.

However, several steroid users still ignore the various long-term side effects of steroids and believe that they are immune.



By taking steroids, you fight the natural process of your metabolism. You change bodily functions and disturb the balance of hormones. In turn, take a shortcut that deprives our body of the inherent strength, muscle, and growth path for which it was genetically engineered.


Excurs: Body Fat in Stomach

Much unnecessary body fat is usually in the stomach. For this reason, my little digression on the subject of diet.

When an average person (regular length and healthy) tries to reduce his weight, he does so with an extremely calorie-restricted diet. The advertising suggests that all these diets work. Many people think that weight loss works without sport and exercise.

They do not even try training. The people who say yes, I am doing sports in addition to my diet will usually do aerobic or cardio exercise with a highly restrictive diet.

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Diet alone leads to weight loss. Doing your diet with aerobics or cardio will result in even faster weight loss. That is an age-old truth.

This way of weight loss includes 100% but also the loss of your muscle tissue. Many scientific studies proved that for a long time. We do not need these studies. We know that it works 100% like this.

If instead, you are training progressive weightlifting, a low-calorie diet with the healthiest foods, and nutrient-rich foods, plus a progressive weightlifting program, you’ll have the results that WOW! Since the typical calorie-reduced diet with aerobic and cardio exercises do not even come near.

Through progressive weightlifting, you gain muscle mass while ONLY losing body fat!

A fast weight loss can never be your ultimate goal !! Because rapid weight loss always includes muscle loss. Weight lifting properly applied, prevents muscle loss!

You want no muscle loss, that is what you want! That should be your goal. Better foods, those with lots of right ingredients, allow you to lose even more body fat. You can also build muscle mass while your body fat melts.

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