The problem of “skinny fat” body transformation – should I first lose the fat pads before building muscle mass?

Skinny fat body transformation for a better body. Many of us strive for the perfect body. But they have little or no idea how and where to start. You want to build up more muscle mass, but if you look in the mirror, your body fat may scare you. Now they want to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Now the question is: “Should I first build muscle or lose some fat before building muscle mass”?

Skinny fat body transformation and body knowledge. The thing is, few people have the knowledge to understand the proper fat loss process. Is it possible to gain muscle mass at the same time and which to gain it? The majority knows how to lose weight. But she has little idea of ​​how to do it without losing the valuable muscles.

skinny fat body transformation, The problem of “skinny fat” body transformation – should I first lose the fat pads before building muscle mass?

Do you know the reason why the above question is so difficult to answer?

• Whenever a person chooses to build muscle, it is obvious that they will gain extra body weight. This is normal because muscles weigh a bit too. However, if you already have plenty of body fat, adding more weight may not be very appealing.
• When a person tries to break down a significant amount of body fat, they can not build up much muscle at that time. You may not be able to build muscle during your fat loss process. And since you already lack muscle mass, you’ll look overly slim and weak at the beginning of the degradation phase.

That’s really confusing. Most people make mistakes if they want to make the right decision. Before we find the answer to the above question, let’s briefly describe the buzzing and cutting.

Fat loss is not equal to weight loss for skinny fat body transformation

The internet is full of these rumors on the subject. In most discussions, you can hear or read the argument that they are two completely different metabolic states – catabolism & anabolism. They are self-contradictory and therefore incompatible. To build muscle you have to be in a calorie surplus. To burn fat, there must be a calorie deficit. But that’s exactly the mistake: Fat burning is not equal to weight loss. You can gain weight while losing fat!

skinny fat body transformation, The problem of “skinny fat” body transformation – should I first lose the fat pads before building muscle mass?

Muscle building and fat loss

Both are physiological processes. They run off at the same time. By the death and emergence of body cells, the body is in an ongoing construction and dismantlin. We remove certain body building blocks to gain energy. The word for it is catabolic. The renewal we call anabolic. Together, this is the metabolism of the body.
Enzymes control this metabolism. Depending on the metabolic state, they inhibit or promote it. He never stands still or stops completely. We influence every metabolic situation through training and nutrition.n. So it is possible to keep the body in a metabolic environment to optimally coordinate muscle building and fat loss.

Lose weight:

Important points to keep in mind are:
Avoid all types of crash diets / detoxifying juices.
Do not too much cardio training.
Try not to reduce your daily calorie intake too much if you do not want to have a metabolic disorder.

Muscle Building:

During the MB, it is important to understand that you want to gain muscle. No fat! The majority of people who are in a muscle building phase live in the illusion that they can eat as much junk food as they want. This causes too much fat accumulation instead of muscle. Of course, you will gain a few pounds while building muscle. But if you gain ¾ of fat and only a quarter of a, you need to revise your diet.

Skinny fat body transformation asks: What should you do first – build muscle or lose fat?

It depends on the following factors:

1. Total body fat percentage: This is the most important factor for the decision. If you have the excess amount of body fat in your chest and abdomen, it’s a good idea to lose the fat first.
On the other hand, you can only build muscle if your total body fat percentage indicates that you are a bit lean.
• Men are usually 10-13% body fat (or less) and
• 19-23% body fat (or less) for women.

2. The basal metabolic rate (BMR): A lot of calories burns your body at rest so that the vital signs can go on working. The higher the metabolism the more calories you burn.

3. Muscle Mass: Greater muscle mass indicates a higher BMR. Muscles are an active tissue. They need a continuous power supply for the maintenance of normal functions.
If you have only a small amount of muscle, you should first train it to build muscle mass. Although the process takes a long time, building muscle speeds up your fat loss and also boosts your BMR.

skinny fat body transformation, The problem of “skinny fat” body transformation – should I first lose the fat pads before building muscle mass?

Strength training is a must for building muscle

The author of Skinny fat body transformation has the meaning that training and nutrition belong together. Without training no muscle building is possible. But this occurs only when the appropriate training stimuli are set. Muscle building is a body adaptation mechanism. In training, the muscle is damaged first. The cells are destroyed (sore muscles). In the regeneration phase, after training, the cells are repaired again. For this, the necessary nutrients must be present (the proteins). Therefore, you should not burden the trained muscles 24 hours.

The conclusion of skinny fat body transformation:

If you have fat with negligible muscle mass you should first go for the build-up phase, so increase muscle mass.
On the contrary, if you are fat and have experience with strength training or a significant amount of muscle mass, you should first cut.
For thin-bodied bodies, they usually have a high BMR, so they can start either expanding or cutting; depending on the factors mentioned above.
Regardless of the goal you have, weight training is a must. You have to support it by a high-protein diet. That should be a principle to achieve your goal. That is the meaning of skinny fat body transformation.