4 Reasons and Useful Tips to Understand the Science in Regrowing your Hair

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Reasons and tips to regrow hair is an article about a mostly hormonal reason. Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your life. I know how shocking it is to look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself and realize that your hair is starting to thin in my case at the age of 35.

Reasons and tips to regrow hair show you 4 of the primary reasons. There is science in regrowing your hair and the reason I wrote it down. I spent years trying to hide my hair loss under cabs. Several years using the over-the-counter products, natural “cures” and even prescriptions. All the while my hair just kept getting thinner. I just kept looking older and older (way before my time).

Reasons and tips to regrow hair realize that appearance is tied to your hair

Reasons and tips to regrow hair mean that people begin looking past you.

But I understand. When people look at you, all they see is thinning hair. It starts shimmering through under your hair. So you need tips to regrow hair on bald head.

After years of watching my hair fall out, I finally put my medical research background to work and discovered a cure that allowed me to permanently end my baldness and re-grow healthy, lasting hair. This revolutionary cure has changed my life. So it’s time for me to share it with you in the article: Reasons and tips to regrow hair.

But before you read another word of this website, there is something I want to make certain you understand…

There is no overnight cure for hair loss.

No matter what false promises and wild “success” stories you have seen. Or, second, what marketing ploys and ridiculous claims you have read about. The truth is that you simply can’t stop baldness and regrow your hair instantly. Reasons and tips to regrow hair authors and many others found out.

You want you to understand that Hair Regrowth is possible… but only when you use logical solutions based in science and fact.

Reasons and tips to regrow hair: the TRUTH

is that it takes the average person anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get the noticeable, full hair growth they deserve.

Now… if you would rather gamble away your chance of regrowing your hair on treatments that promise overnight results, then this website isn’t for you.

But if you are ready to…

  • Discover the TRUTH behind why you are losing your hair.
  • Uncover the REAL reason foams, creams and prescriptions aren’t working for you.
  • Divulge into the SCIENCE behind re-growing your hair.
  • Learn about the only SOLUTION that is effective enough to stop baldness and stimulate your hair follicles to grow normally once again.

Then you need to keep reading! Because this website will give you the answers and the information you need. To successfully fight your hair loss… and win.

The Biggest Lie Of The Hair Loss Industry

A recent study in The Washington Post stated that Americans will spend more than 3.5 BILLION DOLLARS on prescriptions, procedures, and “miracle products” to cure their hair loss.

But the most shocking part is that 99% of these treatments don’t work – and the other 1% only works for a select few.

So… how do these companies sell 3.5 billion dollars in products if they don’t work?

Next time you are at the drug store, pick up the most popular hair loss product and read the back. In tiny letters at the bottom, it talks about results “…of patients who perceived improved…

Now let me ask you a question…

Do you want to perceive results? Or do you want to actually achieve results?

It’s pretty obvious to me that these products are just selling 3.5 Billion Dollars of HOPE… not 3.5 Billion Dollars of results.

Now let me ask you another question…

Have you ever known anyone to use one of these products – whether it is over-the-counter or a prescription – and actually had their hair to re-grow?

But I am willing to bet that you have known plenty of people who wasted hundreds – even thousands of dollars on these products because they HOPED they would work.

Really, when you start looking at all the options you have for regrowing your hair you will notice that the treatments are often dangerous. Their outcomes are dismal and the price is very, very high.

When you invest in these products, you just have to HOPE that they will work for you.

But you need more than just hope…

You need real results. And you need clear, honest answers.

And on this website, you are about to discover the truth behind why you lose your hair and the SCIENCE behind regrowing it. Naturally and permanently.

90% Of All Hair Loss In Both Men And Women Is DHT Related

The 3 Most Common “Treatments” For Hair Loss… And They’re Most Common Results

1) Surgery

Surgery is one of the more extreme measures you can choose. It is expensive, painful and there is a lot of risks involved.

If you don’t go to one of the few surgeons that have the skill to perform the procedure correctly, you could end up with scarring on your scalp (which will prevent hair from ever growing) or little “plugs” that look like a row of seeds planted into your scalp. I’m sure you have seen guys with plugs and already know that they are a little more than noticeable.

And since this treatment option does NOTHING to eliminate the underlying cause of baldness. You can expect the transplanted hair to eventually fall-out too.

2) Hair Loss Treatment Centers

Have you ever known anyone to actually regrow hair after paying THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars to a hair loss center?

Me either.

Of all the people I have ever interviewed, researched or questioned, none have reported any success from a hair loss center. But plenty has reported writing big checks HOPING that they would.

3) OTC Products

Most commonly, the first option for anyone who is starting to lose their hair is products like Rogaine, Procerin, Propecia, etc. These products are usually the cheapest option (even though they are anything but cheap) and they are the easiest to obtain.

But the biggest problem with these OTC products is that they only work to treat the symptoms.

Rogaine and Procerin

work by blocking the DHT and supplying more blood flow to your scalp, but most times these treatments can’t overcome your body’s natural processes. Even if they DO work for you, you will have to continue to use these products for the rest of your life. As soon as you stop use, your hair will fall out faster than before.

And you might have already noticed this, but the side effects are down-right bizarre… dizziness, forgetfulness, and stomach cramps. But the worst – and most dangerous of all is Propecia.

Propecia actually tries to prevent the production of the enzyme which forms DHT in the first place. But the problem is that this group of enzymes is needed to perform a LOT of other healthy, non-hair loss functions. It is so dangerous women are advised to not to even touch it!

If you want to permanently regrow your hair and cure your baldness, you can’t just treat the “symptoms”…

You have to get to the real SOURCE of the problem and
ELIMINATE IT once and for all.

Believe me: I know how frustrating it can be to watch your hair get thinner and thinner. I know how disappointing it can be to use foams, gels, and prescriptions for MONTHS without seeing ANY results.

What’s worse is that I actually listened to doctors when they told me that my hair loss was genetic – and that there was nothing I could do to overcome it.

But after a while, I started to become angry with the medical community, I got frustrated with products on the market and I decided to do my own research.

I became upset and irritated with the products on the market that were only selling HOPE.

I interviewed and red studies of physicians, endocrinologist, reproductive endocrinologists, and dermatologists from clinics. Some had been published in Journals of Medicine. My further researches were in the alternative health scene. I attended forums dedicated to hair loss.

But it wasn’t until I found actual androgenic alopecia hair loss sufferers (both men and women). They were able to reverse their hair loss naturally – without OTC or Rx help.

That I finally found the answers I was looking for.

When You Have science on Your Site you don’t need hope

The only thing that other hair-loss treatments can offer you is hope.

  • They show you success stories from the lucky few who actually see results…
  • They make you promises that your hair will start re-growing overnight…
  • They exploit your desperation to sell products that will never give you lasting results…

But you already know that hope can only take you so far. You already know that hope isn’t going to re-grow your hair.

You are ready to STOP the cause of hair loss at the source of the problem – instead of just treating the symptoms.

You are ready to uncover a solution based in science that will allow your hair to re-grow with each new, natural hair growth cycle.

When you understand the science behind re-growing hair, you can discover the no-hype solution that will allow you to:

  • Balance your system so you only produce the number of hormones you need – and prevent DHT from being stored on your scalp, to begin with
  • Restore your body’s ability to create the essential enzymes which counteract DHT
  • Nurture your hair follicles and heal the damage caused by DHT
  • Start growing new hair – even in follicles that have been unproductive for years

The reversal and re-growth process will not happen overnight. This is not a miracle cure that will give you results instantly.

This is the logical, effective solution that can give every hair loss sufferer the results they deserve.

When you follow the right plan and allow your body to make the right changes, you can eliminate the problem of hair loss at the SOURCE.

It will take a few months to start seeing a reversal of your hair loss, with most people seeing major results in 6 months to 2 years.

But this hair growth is permanent and the results are real.

Conclusion of reasons and tips to regrow hair

It’s time for you to quit believing the “hype” of those useless, ineffective hair-loss products on the market today.
  1. It’s time for you to quit feeling like you have no real options. It’s time for you to stop listening to doctors who say that you can’t overcome this problem.
  2. Also, time for you to get to the source of the problem and treat your hair loss with science instead of hope.
  3. It’s time for you to eliminate your baldness, put an end to your thinning hair and take back control over your life.

reasons and tips to regrow hair, 4 Reasons and Useful Tips to Understand the Science in Regrowing your Hair


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