Long Tail Pro Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why 1

Long Tail Pro Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

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Long tail pro is a review article to a tool that can find niche keywords for you. As a website owner, you want to get free traffic from the major search engines. The question is, how do I get there? How does my new article or website get a higher status for the search engines? Every month thousands of new sites are added on the Internet. It’s not easy given the millions of blogs and websites that already exist.

It takes considerable effort to reach this goal. You will face a significant challenge to achieve organic traffic. There are changes in behavior during the last few months due to the changed coding of search engines. There is now a new and relatively fast way to achieve a better ranking.

The solution is called Long Tail Keywords. Spencer Haws (Niche Pursuits) has developed a helpful tool for your website to get a higher ranking and that’s Long Tail Pro.

What is the Long-Tail Pro?

The keyword research tool “Long Tail Pro” is a search tool. The way to find keywords for your website is a quick and easy way with this tool. Of course, when looking for the right keywords, one thing is essential: how much competition do I have and am I quickly found?

So you have to find keywords with little contest. If you have found the right keywords, you have good chances to leave behind the other websites of your competitors in the various search engines.
Your website ranking is essential if you want to achieve traffic, leads, and sales.

Long Tail Pro is this keyword generator tool. Spencer Haws came up with the idea for the machine in 2016. It was necessary if you have a website and need organic traffic for this website. In the medium term, your turnover needs to become more critical in the two major search engines (Google and Bing).

You can quickly find profitable niche keywords with this tool. If you are still unsure which keyword you want to take you can also get keyword suggestions in large quantities here.

What does this tool show you?

It shows you the monthly search volume of your keyword, the advertiser’s requirement to know the number of words, the rank value of the keywords is also essential to you. You can also see the keyword’s capability.


Long tail pro statitic foto


Who is behind Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro comes from Spencer Haws, who is trying out various online business ideas. He creates niche websites for clients, he also buys and sells websites, and he is also the founder of a software company. Among other things, the company sells physical products. Haws has been a full-time online entrepreneur since 2011 and owns dozens of niche websites.

Spencer Haws has been selling Keyword Generator since 2016, and he still uses it. If you have purchased Long Tail Pro, you will receive updated updates and other enhancements all the time.


How to use Long Tail Pro?

First, I have to say that you are merely saving time in your search for the right keyword. By a good keyword, you also achieve better rankings in the search engines. This tool is effective.

After you have bought the tool, you will receive an email. That is your instructions. Log in with the credentials and set up your account. Then you download the file and install it on your hard drive. With a purchased license you can equip three computers.

If you have done all this, you can open the tool and do the first keyword research. Just enter the required details. Now you begin your search keyword to receive the keyword suggestions. You can even select the countries to which the keyword should apply, and you can delete the other countries.

It is possible to filter the search for three options:
– according to the frequency of the monthly search
– according to the amount of the proposed bids and finally
– after the competition for advertisers.

After doing everything, give the tool a few minutes to search for the keywords. Then you get suggestions for the long-tail keywords.


1. You can find keyword suggestions in large quantities.
2. You can find low-competition keywords that can help you achieve a better Google ranking.
3. Determine keyword profitability with rank.
4. It’s easy to handle, and keywords are easy to find.
5. The tool can arrange low-competition keyword criteria, high search volume, and potentially high conversion rates.
5. There are chat and email support for your questions.
6. There is an upgrade guaranty.
7. You can choose between a monthly or annual plan, whichever is best for you.
8. If you are a salesman, it will help you a lot.
9. You can export the ranking tracking charts and show them to your customers.


1. Some functions are not unlimited, for example, ranking. You’ll need to update to a better version and pay for it so you can capture more keywords.
2. The tool requires a permanent internet connection because it is web-based.
3. The Competitor Analysis feature sometimes displays non-uniform texts and URLs.


Long tail pro picture of first site of the tool


The Long Tail Pro tool can help you find the best keyword among millions of keywords to rank better. With this tool, you can narrow down the keywords. With this smart tool, you can reach the criteria that you should follow to succeed, step by step.

As an Internet Marketer, you also want the conversion of Traffic in Sales. For most full-time marketers, this is one of the main reasons to optimize your website. A better ranking means higher traffic without having to pay even one ad.

By the way, at the beginning of the search page, these ads are getting more and more confusing.
I think Long Tail Pro, is a tool that’s one of the best of its kind for me. Save time, and a better ranking are the two magic words to get better placements.

The better or higher your search engine rankings are, the better your site visit. You can see that in sales and business growth. It can also be a challenge to be ranked by the various criteria and guidelines.

In my opinion, Long Tail Pro is an investment that will pay off. With this Keyword Generator, you will find the right keyword to get a better ranking on the search engines.

If you click here, you can test Long Tail Pro today and find profitable keywords!