How to begin bodybuilding with 10 dos 11 don’ts to people who want to start the right way but can’t

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How to begin bodybuilding is a question you better ask yourself before you start!!

Imagine building muscle was super fast, wouldn’t that be great?

But now this wish has not yet occurred, what are you doing with your impatience now? What went wrong?

So that this dissatisfaction does not stay that way, I will show you essential points that you should do and also those that you should avoid as far as possible.

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How to begin bodybuilding the Dos and Don’ts

There are different reasons why people do sports. The first reason is merely fun in the movement, alone or a team. The second reason is health either because you are too thin or too fat. 

Sport means exercise and is sometimes exhausting. In general, sport is healthy if you don’t overdo it.

Bodybuilding can also bring organic results:

  • as muscle mass increases,
  • better bone density and
  • a better ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat is part of it.

Before you, ask yourself how to begin bodybuilding I have a hint for you: Bodybuilding is not a sport that you can do on the side, but a seriously increasing activity. It is essential to understanding the art of bodybuilding in detail. 

How to begin bodybuilding kettlebell picture
Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay


Dos in how to begin bodybuilding

Let’s start with the essential things on how to begin bodybuilding that you need and should implement for successful muscle building.

1. Before the training, suitable warm-up exercises:

How to begin bodybuilding training? Always with a reasonable warm-up. That is as necessary as the following workout. See that as belonging together. You need to prepare your muscles for stress to reduce the risk of injury.

Only when you prepare your heart, it can supply your organs with enough oxygen. Your joints also need to be fit to lift weights. Your warm-up phase must be thorough and intensive so that the blood supply to your muscles is guaranteed.

2. Remain in the correct posture:

I saw a lot during my time as a coach. Legs lurched in the air instead of staying on the floor, backs didn’t stay straight, and some stuck out their elbows. You harm yourself with poor posture (body tension is the magic word) more than you think. 

My personal experience is that the most injuries occurred at the end of a sentence when my posture, i.e. the body tension, wore off.

That can cause injuries and drive you into a downward spiral. 

How to begin bodybuilding tip: Do something good for yourself and start training with an experienced trainer.

You can also read a book and start watching yourself in front of the mirror and correcting whether everything is correct. there are also good videos that can guide you in this direction

3. Exercise as often as possible with compound movements:

In compound exercises, you move several joints and muscle groups in one workout. In contrast, you only train a specific muscle in single muscle or isolation training. Isolation exercises are fun, but in most cases, they are unnecessary.

The composite exercises allow you to train many muscle fibres and motor neurons. Compound exercises on how to begin bodybuilding are sufficient for 90% of people to successfully build muscles.

4. Training with high intensity:

The compound exercises guarantee you a high strength during your workouts. With them, you are already on the right way to increase your exercise intensity. 

If you put a lot of muscle into one exercise, you have to work harder.

That is how you stimulate the release of many types of growth-promoting hormones that help you build muscle. And lose fat at the same time. 

There is not only an increase in intensity due to more weight, such as the use of drop sets or supersets. If you shorten your breaks, you also increase the power because you prevent the muscle from fully recovering. That is specific advice on how to begin bodybuilding.

How to begin bodybuilding fitness room with five adults
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

5. Tense your muscles against resistance and deliberately cause damage:

You create mechanical tension in your muscles by pulling them together against a resistance load. Sports scientists believe that this type of stress easily damages muscle tissue and can cause a growth reaction.

It doesn’t matter whether you do demanding bodyweight exercises like pushups, pull-ups or regular weightlifting like bench presses and lat pulldowns. Over time you have to make sure that you are lifting heavier loads or doing harder bodyweight exercises, always increasing something the stronger you get. 

The endless repetitions with a lightweight do not promote your muscle growth.

6. How to begin bodybuilding with new training accents from time to time:

Your body is very adaptable, so it gets used to specific processes very quickly. That makes your movements and processes very economical, but not your muscle gain. 

If you want to make progress, the muscles need new stimuli.

Motor neuron adaptation takes place very quickly. Most of your increase in strength is due to your increased muscle growth. 

The second important point is the better recruitment of your motor neurons, which also helps to increase muscle strength. Therefore, change your training routine every few months. Try to keep a periodisation.

7. Give your muscles enough time to regenerate:

Your muscles grow after training, not during training !! So plan enough recovery time between the individual training sessions.

The break between strength training sessions for the same muscle should be at least 48 hours. If you feel sore muscles, the healing process of injured tissue is not yet complete, and the break can be longer than 48 hours. 

What is also important to mention is your CNS (central nervous system) needs a break. Body and mind need rest.

8. Vary your daily meal choices:

Variety when eating is vital to prevent you from eating one-sidedly and causing deficiency symptoms. For optimal nutrition, you should eat different foods every day. 

There is no single food or artificially mixed test that contains all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities. There are also components in food called phytonutrients that are not vital but have health benefits. 

There are flavonoid antioxidants and some fructooligosaccharides that are good for your digestive system. You should eat one kind of each vegetable colour every day and eat what you like.

How to begin bodybuilding steaks on a plate
Image by Rita from Pixabay

9. Eat protein-rich foods daily:

Protein-rich foods include chicken, turkey, fish, red meat, eggs, milk and milk products, curd cheese, nuts and beans. Eat these foods or take protein supplements at least every three hours.

10. Make sure your diet is correct before and after your workout:


Before training, make sure you eat something to have enough energy for your practice. Many people go to the gym after work without worrying about their diet. That has no visible success. 

So eat about 2 hours beforehand, but not too much, small amounts of slow-release carbohydrates.


you need to make sure there is enough protein available for growth and repair, as well as carbohydrates. The best time to eat is about half an hour after training

Then the muscles are ready to absorb fast-acting sugars such as glucose or maltodextrin.

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How to begin bodybuilding Don’ts

The dos just mentioned for your dream results when building muscle is essential. But the don’ts just said are only as necessary so that nothing prevents your optimal results. 

You should not make the following mistakes now. With all these mistakes, thousands of bodybuilders have had no success before you. But you don’t have to do them either, because you can find out here that they are wrong.

Do not repeat your training, change the order:

If you did ten reps of 50 kg in the gym or at home and you happen that at the next workout, why should your body think it needs to adjust? He has already met these requirements and knows that he can do it.

When your muscles grow, you have to stimulate them, give them a new impulse. Changing the weight on the bar or changing the angle of the joint speaks to a different muscle region. Professionally, you can compare it to doing more work in a given time to make progress.

How to begin bodybuilding man trains with kettlebell
Image by karabulakastan from Pixabay

How to begin bodybuilding without too long rests between sets:

The break lengths vary, of course. What happens if the break is too long? Your body cools down. Body temperature and heart rate decrease, which harms performance. 

The blood flows to the muscles decreases, and it reduces the supply of oxygen to the muscles. The body now needs a longer time to be able to perform again.

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Orientation depending on the type of training:

Maximum strength training: 1 to 5 repetitions, up to 3 minutes break.

Muscle building: 6 to 12 repetitions, then: approx. 1 to 1.5 minutes of training break.

Strength endurance training: 12 or more repetitions, in between 30 to 60 seconds rest.

These are guidelines, and every athlete is different. The best thing to do is to try it out for yourself and “optimise” your break time now and then.

don’t exercise the same muscle groups too often:

Breaks are a must for your muscle growth !! It is essential to rest and regenerate between challenging training sessions so that you can keep an eye on your muscle-building goals. That helps prevent overtraining injuries. 

Experience reports show that you should wait 72 hours before you train the same muscle group again. That also serves to ensure adequate muscle repair, especially during multiset training.

Now the word split routine comes into play. This type of training allows you to practice on most days of the week. Here you concentrate on specific muscles

A split routine can look like this: You train your chest, shoulders, and triceps on Monday, legs follow on Wednesday, and back and biceps on Friday.

How to begin bodybuilding two leg machines
Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit! ツ from Pixabay

never train with faulty machines:

You should never train with or on a defective device. Bodybuilding very often means intense with heavyweights. It is therefore essential that the methods are in good condition. 

Using a faulty or broken method can lead to severe and lengthy injuries.

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Your muscles are more important than your ego:

It is not essential for you to whether others smile at you for your number of kilos. So don’t put weights on it that you can’t handle. You often see that in people who do squats. 

They pick up the bar and then bend down only 1/2 or even 1/4 of the way. It means that you ultimately sacrifice your form. Lower your weight, put your butt on the floor, and train your muscles – not your ego.

forget your lower body:

There are “beach bodybuilders” in men and women, especially in the USA. You exercise your chest and biceps almost every time, and that’s it. 

You then have a decent looking torso and toothpick legs.

Except for the deadlift, the squat recruits more muscle fibres than any other strength training exercise

It or a variation of it should be an integral part of strength training.

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compare yourself to others:

You are only competing with yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your strength training is about your personal development.

Many of the mistakes people make are related to the ego. People are afraid of it when others watch them; they could hardly talk about them. Let this thought out quickly. Especially people who think like this have no self-confidence. Don’t be afraid to do something wrong (confidence). 

Don’t sacrifice your shape for more weight on the bar.

Your daily victory is when you can complete your last training according to your training plan and not how much weight you had on the barbell.

worry about gaining weight:

This note is aimed at men and women, but especially women. Most people overestimate the training because they don’t train properly. Most people underestimate the need to build more calories. 

So if you don’t eat an excess of it, your muscles won’t grow much. Your daily diet is the most significant and most important factor in muscle gain, not exercise.

Muscles grow big when you eat big:

That is not possible in a few weeks and only if you eat more than before. If you try to build muscle, you have to eat enough to grow. To build muscle, eat enough calories and protein. 

Eat high-quality proteins and carbohydrates throughout the day. Think ahead by eating the amount you need to eat on the next level. If you are a ten athlete now and want to be an 11 athlete, eat like an 11 athlete. Eat big but don’t waste. Remember that muscle growth takes time!

rely too much on protein additives:

Don’t rely too much on protein and real food is superior. Protein supplements and meal replacement powders can be useful. Too many people think that if protein supplements are there, they can consume protein drinks instead of good food to do just that. 

A good quality whey protein formula can be a useful addition to improve your muscle gains.


How to begin bodybuilding conclusion:

To trigger muscle hypertrophy, follow the steps above to plan your next workout. 

In recent decades, sports scientists have discovered three primary mechanisms for building muscle

1) mechanical tension, 

2) muscle damage and 

3) metabolic stress.

Even as a young bodybuilder, you can benefit from these evidence-based techniques. The list includes tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to building muscle strength.

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