Determine Your Body Type is Imortant for an effective Muscle Building Programm


Determine Your Body Type is important for your training. We all know that human bodies are different in terms of shapes and sizes. We all have been at that point in our lives where we felt a stinging pang of jealousy towards those people who don’t even have to break a sweat in the gym to gain muscle mass. On the other hand, you are a lean guy who is doing everything in his power but still struggling for bulking up. And lastly there are those guys who are training very hard for gaining muscles, but if they take a break, they will look like they haven’t set a foot in the gym in their entire life.

Determine Your Body Type is important for training effectiveness. These are not exaggerations, but the truth. Some people find it much easier to gain muscles; some stay lean despite their efforts of bulking up while there are some who can’t lower their body fat regardless of how much exercise or cardio they perform. In all of these conditions genetics- especially body type is at fault.

Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph are the three basic body types. Every body type has its own inner and outer characteristics. One should not deduce the inner qualities from the specific outer ones. Compact and muscular people can be the most sensitive.

What can mean that their reactions to the same training and the same diet can be different?

Determine Your Body Type

The Three Body Types:

  1. Determine Your Body Type Ectomorph:

    The skinny guys who are hard gainers in terms of muscle building come into this category. He can lift weights and workout for weeks only to achieve minimal gains.

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Typically an ectomorph has a small body frame, skinny shoulders, flat chest, and fast metabolism. Those are the people who can eat anything they want without bothering about getting fat and flabby.

It will be a huge disappointment for the guys of this category to thinks that the normal muscle gaining workouts will work for them.

In order to achieve your muscle building goals, you have to understand body nuances. Focusing only on lifting weights will not work for you. Along with proper workout sessions you have to make sure you are getting enough calories. Also, you have to give ample time to your muscles to recover between training sessions and avoid cardio as much as you can.

Determine Your Body Type Health Tip:

As these people get older, they may be prone to osteoporosis and bone damage. This is due to their very thin skeletal structure.

To prevent this, these people should also do muscle building training. They should train intensively with few repetitions. Thereby several muscle groups at the same time. This strengthens the bones and the musculoskeletal system. Additionally a cardiovascular training must take place.

  1. Endomorph:

    Endomorphs are natural athletes. They have a larger-framed, rectangular-shaped body with well-defined, stronger muscles. A look at them and you’ll feel like putting on muscle mass is really effortless.

Determine Your Body Type body type endomorph

Well, that not the case entirely, but some of them really doesn’t have to train hard to gain muscles. The truth is endomorphs tend to gain muscle mass more easily than ectomorphs. On the downside – endomorphs also tend to gain fat more quickly than ectomorphs. So, they have to be really careful about their eating habits otherwise they can go from ‘athlete’ to ‘dumpy’ in no time. And all of their bodybuilding efforts can easily go down the drain.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for most endomorphs to continue their ongoing weight training regime and incorporate cardio into it. This will help them to keep off fat.

Determine Your Body Type Health Tip

With increasing age, an endomorphic type is recommended to perform regular cardiovascular exercises such as swimming and cycling. He or she should take care to eat a balanced diet.
Strength training is useful to achieve a healthier overall ratio of muscle to fat.


  1. Determine Your Body Type is it Mesomorph?

    This is the third body type. Guys fall into this category tend to be shorter (not necessarily) but have chunky arms and legs. These guys are naturally strong especially their legs. Guys of this category are able to put on muscles relatively easier than the other two categories. Generally, Power-lifters and bodybuilders are Mesomorphs.

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Unlike ectomorphs, the metabolic rate of mesomorphs is a lot slower which implies that they are able to put on fat more easily.

If you are a mesomorph, in order to achieve a lean physique, you have to mix plenty of cardio in your training routine along with lifting.

Determine Your Body Type Health Tip:

If this person stops exercising or gets used to a high-fat or high-calorie diet, he can easily gain weight. In this case, there is a higher risk of stroke or heart disease.

To stay healthy, you go on with cardiovascular and strength training.

A Combination of Body Types:

The above-mentioned body types aren’t etched in concrete. If you go through them and still feel that you are not perfectly fit into any of the above categories, then don’t worry. Majority of us has a mixture of two body types. The combinations are either ectomorph/mesomorph or mesomorph/endomorph.

You can find a pure mesomorph human that gains weight like an endomorphic type.

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Determine Your Body Type Your Turn

Now you can try to find your body type from the features described above. With this knowledge, you can now optimize your training and nutrition. You can now achieve your goals better.

Focus on your training, not your physique. It would be a mistake to classify yourself in a certain category. You can also be a mixed type. Concentrate on:

  1. How easily you can lose fat and gain muscle mass.
  2. Look where the fat accumulates.

If you know those two things you can modify your calorie intake and exercise regimen to achieve your goals faster.

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Conclusion of Determine Your Body Type

Despite your body type, it is important for you not to blame anything on genetics. You are not obliged to stick to a particular appearance because of your body type.

Armed with the required knowledge and tactics for your particular body type, you can accomplish your bodybuilding goals, whatever they are.

Happy Training from me