Depression And Future Thinking

Depression And Future Thinking. Each of us has experienced a feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and listlessness. The experience of depression is different for each person. There are many symptoms associated with depression.

Introduction Depression And Future Thinking

Depression And Future Thinking. Many people sometimes feel depressed, listless or without an inner drive. They go through a bad time. But they also have life phases in which they feel good. They also like things about themselves. No matter whether they are character traits or physical characteristics.
For some people, however, life is a constant struggle. I used to say to my sports children: “This life is one of the hardest”.

Depression And Future Thinking, Depression And Future Thinking

Symptoms of Depression

They feel bad in many situations in life. They have the feeling that the whole world is against them and usually despair of quite banal things. Sometimes they feel completely desperate. If a person feels this way, then she or he may be suffering from depression. Yes, depression is a recognized disease.
For all these people, their close relatives and friends who want to face this “blues” of depression, there is a unique book “Goodbye Depression” written by experienced professionals. This book consists of a total of 15 chapters. It contains all the latest and most up-to-date content on the very important and far-reaching topic of depression.

Personal Experience and Depression and Future Thinking

My first contact with this disease began with the life crisis of the elder son of my partner. He was about to write his diploma thesis in business studies. He was suddenly listless, had nothing more fun. His outer sign was the full beard. During his stay at the hospital, the psychologist told us that it was a sign that he wanted to hide his face. He chose a “mask”.

Depression And Future Thinking, Depression And Future Thinking
I protect myself

WHO Thoughts to Depression

The WHO (World Health Organization) has recently listed depression as the leading cause of disease and disability worldwide. It is a global problem for which many possible solutions have been researched. Depression is a long-lasting and fluctuating mood. These mood swings can affect many aspects of one’s life.

All No Matter Symptoms of Depression

They are marked by feelings of worthlessness, excessive guilt, loneliness, great sadness, depression, hopelessness and self-doubt.
All these feelings naturally have a great influence on a person’s daily activities. This can lead to suicidal thoughts. They are present in most cases of severe depression.
People who suffer from this disease often put their health at risk. They are no longer hungry, become unable to work and lose their jobs as a result. Sometimes even their lives. They no longer have an inner urge and become disinterested in activities. Everything that used to be important becomes uninteresting. These people withdraw completely. Also from their friends and family. They no longer have a social environment because they isolate themselves.

Depression And Future Thinking, Depression And Future Thinking

Health Risks

Depression increases the risk of early death up to three times. Mental health weakens the immune system. So these sick people put themselves at risk of getting sick more often.
Therefore, it is very important to recognize and treat the symptoms of depression in time. Before it is too late!

Conclusion of Depression And Future Thinking

It is a serious and dangerous illness. It often remains undetected in the lives of some people.
Why? Because it is a creeping process. The symptoms of depression do not have to occur all at once. They can be a gradual and almost imperceptible withdrawal from active life. The joy of life is gone.
Win the battle against depression and regain the joy of life.