Building Muscle Beginners Guide Is Your Worst Enemy. Ways To Defeat It

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Beginners Guide To Building Muscle And Strength

Building muscle beginners guide to introduce you now to a so-called basic program. You can adapt this program to your needs and goals. Ask your trainer and advise you on what might fit. For whom is it suitable? For people who want to build muscle mass and slim people who have to live on weight (yes, they are there !!). But also athletes who need more muscle mass. Finally, people who want to have a muscular body. Building muscle beginners guide wish you excite reading!

Building muscle beginners guide general information:

  • You train three sets of 12 repetitions, 2 minutes break after each set.
  • When you train, always remember: NEVER to stretch the joints entirely or make them long. If you do that you have no training effect. You only do static work. The muscle is not required.
  • Never overwork the trained muscles or muscle groups! Give them regeneration time of at least 24 hours. For example Monday you train your biceps, then you will not strain the muscle on Tuesday. Extreme strength athletes will even give the bicep a week to recover.

Building muscle beginners guide example of a weekly training plan

Practice warm-up by building muscle beginners guide:

Building muscle beginners guide means the 10 minutes warm-up must be absolute. At least on a treadmill or with an indoor bike. Then stretch, depending on what you want to start, so you start. Pretend only a little 10-15 seconds.
After that, the muscle groups to be trained are warmed up with a low weight for 5-10 minutes. Your muscles are ready for more load.

Monday – breast & shoulders of building muscle beginners guide

Pectoral Muscle Exercise 1 – Incline Press:

  • You grab a barbell with both hands and a handle that is slightly wider than the shoulder width.
  • You carry the dumbbell straight over your head, and you extend your arms. That is the starting position.
  • Slowly exhale and guide the bar down to the upper chest area.
  • Now you breathe in and lead the pole after a short break back to the starting position. During the high movement, you exhale slowly. The arms remain slightly bent and are not straight! Breathe in again and let the arms go down back.
  • The arms should remain bent because the muscle tension is maintained, and the training effect is more significant. For straight arms, you only train the holding force.

building muscle beginners guide Woman with her back on the training bench straddles a barbell


Bai’s chest exercise 2 – Peck Deck of building muscle beginners guide:

  • Sit on the bench and watch for a straight back.
    Put your forearms and hands on the vertical cushions. That’s the starting position.
  • Start the exercise with a deep exhalation. Breathe in as you bring your pectoral muscles together with your pectoral muscles in front of your midsection.
  • During the backward movement, you breathe out slowly and slowly return to the starting position.

building muscle beginners guide Drawn man sweating at the butterfly training device

Building muscle beginners guide hint:

If you ask yourself why this breathing rhythm? When the muscle is working, it needs oxygen, and he gets it by inhaling.

Biceps Exercise 1 – Barbell Biceps Curl of building muscle beginners guide:

• Take a dumbbell in each hand. The feet are shoulder-width apart.
• The arms are on the side of the body, and the palms are pointing forward.
The abdominal muscles are in slight tension. You are standing upright, and your knees are slightly bent.
• Move both arms up to the shoulder. You can also move them up alternately.
• Lower the dumbbells slowly, but keep your elbows slightly bent because of the bicep tension.

building muscle beginners guide - Kneeling 3-D figure trains biceps with dumbbellBiceps Exercise 2 – Standing barbell biceps rotation:

• Grasp the barbell from below with a shoulder-width grip.
• Stand upright with straight torso and back. The feet are shoulder-width apart. The arms slightly bent and the elbows close to the body. But you can also lean your back against a wall if that gives you a more stable stance.
• The upper arms are on the outside of the body, and the eyes are straight ahead. Now you lift the weight to shoulder height.
• Slowly lower the barbell again while keeping the biceps in a light tension.

Tuesday – legs & shoulders by building muscle beginners guide
Exercise 1 for the legs – barbell squats:

• Place a barbell on the shoulder blades or shoulders with both arms and hands. Palms are under the barbell. The back is straight and the view straight. The feet are shoulder-width apart and point slightly forward.
• Now bend your knees and hips as far down as possible. The knees go ahead. Make sure the upper body stays upright.
• Go down so far that the thighs are parallel to the ground. The body weight is on the forefoot. When the thighs touch the lower legs, bring the weight back up. But remember: do not stretch your legs completely!

building muscle beginners guide - Young woman exercises leg muscles with barbell on her shoulders

Exercise 2 Leg extension of building muscle beginners guide:

• Sit on a leg stretching machine. Put your legs under the pad and grab the handrails with your hands.
• Do not straighten your legs completely and inhale. Hold for a second in this position.
• Lower the weight when exhaling back to the starting position. Note the 90-degree angle point!

Shoulder Exercise 1 – Lateral Elevations of building muscle beginners guide:

• The exercise stops or sits. There is a dumbbell in each hand. The arms are on the body side.
• The back is straight, and the upper body has body tension. Now lift the weights slowly until the arms are parallel to the ground with your elbows slightly bent.
• Then lower it slowly downwards again. A slow pace makes it more difficult.

building muscle beginners guide - 3-D man uses his dumbbell to exercise lateral shoulder muscles

Shoulder Exercise 2 – Barbell Shoulder Press of building muscle beginners guide:

• The barbell is over your head.
• The arms are in position so that the elbows are at 90 degrees.
Now stretch your arms over your head until they are almost long. You exhale.
• Slowly pull the dumbbell back to shoulder level as you inhale.
• Press the shoulder muscles together. Keep the dumbbell short.
• Then you raise the dumbbell back to the starting position. You exhale.

Wednesday / rest

Option 20 minutes cardio workout with low intensity.

Thursday – Back & Triceps

Back Exercise 1 – Wide grip lateral pull-down of building muscle beginners guide:

• Now you are training on a lat pull machine. Bring the thighs under the leg pads.
• Hold the lat bar far out, palms forward.
• Bend your back about 30 degrees backward. That is the starting position.
• Breathe in a while, pulling the bar straight onto the chest.
• Keep your core muscles in tension, especially the back muscles. During the upward movement to the starting position, you exhale.

Back Exercise 2 – Seated V-Bar Cable Lines of building muscle beginners guide:

• Attach a V-bar to a rowing machine. Sit on the seat with your feet slightly bent.
• Grasp the V-bar with your palms facing forward.
• Bend back to my stretched arms. A 90-degree angle should remain between the waist and legs.
• Inhale and keep the upper body calm. Then you pull the V-hanger in the direction of the body to just before the chest.
• Hold this position for 1-2 seconds. Then exhale and slowly return the V-bar to the starting position.

building muscle beginners guide - 2 men exercise back muscles with delta handle bar.Triceps Exercise 1 – Two arms bent over dumbbell Triceps extension:

• You have a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing your body. The knees are slightly bent and the upper body tilted forward. The back is straight and parallel to the ground.
• The arms are at a right angle to the side. Upper arms remain calm. Now lift the dumbbells with the triceps while breathing in, until the forearms are parallel to the floor. The entire arms are almost stretched out.
• Make a second contraction at the top and slowly move the forearms back to the starting position. You exhale.

Triceps Exercise 2 – Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension:

• Now follows an exercise while standing. The feet are shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell with both hands.
• Stretch your arms over your head with the dumbbell. The arms are vertical and exceptionally stretched. The palms face up. Now you can begin.
• Lower your forearms behind your head and exhale.
• Breathe in a while, stretching your arms again. In this movement, the muscle works.

building muscle beginners guide - Young woman stands, 1 knee on the training bench, and trains her tricepsFriday – neck & hamstrings

Neck muscles of building muscle beginners guide:

  • You can do this exercise while standing or sitting.
  • Take two dumbbells in your hands and turn them so that the palms facing your body. You hold them with your arms slightly bent at the level of the belly button. Breath out and now pull both arms towards your chin. In doing so, you breathe in.
  • The end position is under your chin.
  • From there, the downward movement begins/return way to the navel, while you exhale again.

Hamstring of building muscle beginners guide

  • You are lying on a training bench on your stomach.
  • Now you put your heels under the pad and begin to bend the lower legs to your butt.
  • In doing so, you breathe in.
  • When you make your legs long again, you exhale.
Saturday / break

Optional 20-minute cardio workout with low intensity.


Rest day to recharge your batteries.

In these beginner exercises, you can use the usual free weights and equipment in your gym. Of course, you can also get corresponding fitness equipment for your homes such as a dumbbell set or a training room. Here again, my advice: Get medical advice before you start a muscle-building program !!

Building muscle beginners guide conclusion:

That is the plan from building muscle beginners guide. This plan is for a basic workout program. Only for a beginner. How far you want to go in bodybuilding ultimately depends on your goal and your attitude. Regardless, the gains in muscle mass are no faster than in the first six months after starting your exercise program. At this point, bodybuilders become fully aware of their body and notice profound changes. Building muscle beginners guide hope we could help you a little bit!