Body Language 6 Warning Signs If Interlocutor Tell You The Truth Or Not?

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Body Language Personality Development

There are hundreds of different languages and even more dialects on earth. People talk with hands and feet. You too have probably walked around town with a wink. Other people wear flowers in the buttonhole or hair. What else? Yes, some jump with joy, cry when you mourn and much more. We continuously exchange physical messages. The physical messages are still programmed in our genetics – whether we like it or not. Sometimes these signals are obvious and unambiguous, but sometimes we misunderstand the nonverbal communication.
“You can say a thousand words, but a smile says more,” is the name of a German proverb. We instinctively pay more attention to the body language of our counterpart than we think.

body language man holds both hands in front of his face

It makes a difference if you enter a room and your shoulders are pointing up, or if you come into a room with an angry face. That is a bad body language. Body language is the main factor that underlines and shapes your personality. Your goal must be that humans perceive you as a self-conscious person. When you enter a room, try to be sovereign. Go purposefully and relaxed towards your conversation partner.

In our development course, we talk about the primary qualifications that make a person successful, and one of them is our body language. You can prepare yourself for your advancement in various ways. The primary criteria include dealing with body language.

Where is the origin of body language?

The body language comes to my knowledge from the Stone Age. In the case of danger and stress, humans have three options for reacting to this situation: fight, flight, or stare. We have in our brains the biblical system in the front part, just behind the forehead, and that decides what happens fight, escape, or stop.

Define body language

It’s a way of communicating without speaking. Nonverbal we call this type of contact. It happens through movements of our body with gestures, through posture and facial expressions.
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So it’s silent information that we transmit. Social psychology says that every behavior in the presence of another person is a kind of communication. Through body language, you reveal your true, honest feelings and emotions. Reading women’s body language signs can be an absolute advantage for you!
You then understand the message or info from your interlocutor as a whole better. Sometimes people say something specific, and their body means something completely different. Reading men’s body language is different from women body language. Essential for you to: necessarily judge the body signals and not the spoken word!!
On the other hand, you can, of course, adapt your body language so that your personality looks positive. Although you can use your body language consciously, the unconscious part will always be there.

Is body language conscious or subconscious?

Most of our behaviors are unconscious. Sometimes we also unconsciously perceive other people’s reactions.

Body language tips

The first 5 seconds are crucial if we are sympathetic or not — the next one to two minutes you check your opponent further. Your subconscious is analyzing and evaluating body language.

You can use your body language, as mentioned above, but also very purposeful. Through your self-analysis, which we already had in an earlier article, you know your weaknesses. These weak points are not beneficial for you to get used to others.
You are now consciously using your body language. That will help you improve your communication skills and relationships with other people.

body language man holds out his forefinger

Ways to improve your body language in communication:

1. Be attentive; watch yourself:

That is the first step to improve your behavior. Pay attention to everything you do and when in which situation. Remember your words and observe your interlocutor in specific reactions. Analyze and draw your conclusions to act differently in the future if you think it was terrible. If it was right in later similar situations, you could perform the same. Attention is significant!!

2. Watch your voice:

The sound coming from the larynx is nevertheless a complex sound with a specific fundamental or fundamental frequency and a series of higher or harmonic partials.
Most people find lower, and more vibrant sounds more pleasant than higher, shrill sounds. Speak in essential conversations in a calm and relaxed voice. Before you start, breathe deeply into the abdomen, so that no top notes come out. Then only begin to speak.

3. Your posture should be space-engaging and powerful:

Standing or sitting causes an immediate change in body chemistry in a human being. The chemical composition of your metabolism also influences your mood (see Depression). You get more confident and do many jobs or tasks successfully. You act positively on other people. They react differently and subconsciously strengthen us inwardly as well.
Before starting a conversation, try to take a dominant body position. Place one leg about half a step diagonally forward in the direction of the other party. So you widen your protection radius (we speak of a meter radius). But you also have a foot in the protective circle of your conversation. With this pose, you are the Dominator. You support your hands on both sides in the hip. The chin is advanced.

4. Smile with purpose:

A laugh sometimes works wonders. It can relax a tense situation. You seem more relaxed and in a better mood. Too much laughter can also hurt. So laugh, if it’s appropriate, at a completely wrong funeral! Do not smile at all stereotypically. Some people have a smile on their face (banker).

body language man is stretching out an open palm

5. Speak like a Southernerner, take the hands to improve the language:

If you want to express your opinion meaningfully and well include your hands in support. There are now many studies that show that supportive hand movements improve the understanding of the listener. If your listeners Seeing your open palms tells them that you are free to them. Speak with your hands then your listener will spend more time with you.

6. Signal your conversation partner your attention:

Concentrate on the person you are talking to by turning to face him in front of him and looking directly at him. Eye contact is essential; however, a hard look. Bend slightly forward and nod your head occasionally and ask questions. Show respect vital that they know that you are listening to him. That is confident body language from your site.

7. When eyes show participation or eye contact body language:

We do not mean eye contact but eye movements and reactions. Let your eyes speak. Show grief, joy, or newness, depending on the conversation content.

8. Welcome with body language hands:

Touching by hand is an effective means. That does not just mean shaking hands at the beginning of a conversation. You can also briefly touch the other person’s shoulder or forearm. That creates trust and is a good starting base. It leaves a positive impression. People remember you better when you shake hands with them. Your interlocutor will undoubtedly be more open and friendly.

body language man with clenched fist and long arm

9. Mirroring body language your counterpart:

When sitting or standing opposite you can adapt yourself to your interlocutor. Take his body position and adjust your voice pace and pitch. In no case, the Kasper make so not obvious or unnatural. This so-called mirroring can lead to similarities in opinion or world view. If there is a third person, it may be that after a specific time, no behavioral difference sees. Body language hands.

10. Think before you open your mouth:

Try to heed the following sequence: Thinking, interrupting eye contact, looking to the side or up, that’s how your conversation partner sees you. When your thinking phase is over, look back to your partner and start talking. That is better than first speaking, then not knowing any further, and then quasi making your conversation partner look stupid by looking away.
Then you have the full supporters of your eyes again.


In this chapter of personality development, you have seen how useful it is to deal with the subject of body language. Body language does not lie, and it varies with man and woman, and there are no secrets of body language. There is a lot of literature on the reading market on this topic.