Better Version Of Yourself Shows A 5-Step Guide That ANYONE Can Follow

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The Better Version Of Yourself and what does it mean in general. What Is the Better Version Of Yourself you may ask? Do all of you believe in your rebirth? Have you ever lived and know it. What am I doing in this world now? There we are fast in Buddhism. Does that have to do with your personality development and the Better Version Of Yourself? It’s simple to answer: you are in the world to develop further.

What Is the Better Version Of Yourself?

There are three general stages of development that are for Better Version Of Yourself. I start at the lowest level: you develop backward. From a specific point in time, the events will pass you by, and you completely lose the connection to life. The second stage is stagnation. You stay on a certain level of knowledge, and you are no longer interested in anything. The third level is our topic: you continue to develop and want it. Let’s find out how this works. That brings us to the Better Version Of Yourself development steps.

The Better Version Of Yourself is the best in you

The Better Version Of Yourself is the best in you. Your best self is the one where you are performing at your highest potential in all facets of your life. That potential is different for all of us, and nobody is going to be the best at every single thing. Instead, we strive to be our best in how we act and interact in relationships, the attitudes we use to guide our ways, the behaviors that manifest in our actions and lack of activities, and the beliefs that drive our every thought — striving to be your best results in being a better version of yourself.

Be A Better Version Of Yourself Everyday but where Do We Find Our Best Selves?

Your best version of yourself is the result of knowing who you are at all levels, by identifying all of your beliefs and then choosing the beliefs that create the best outcomes in our life.
As an example, what if you believed that you should never settle for second best? That belief may help you be more competitive, ambitious, and to go after your goals. Not a wrong idea, per se. But what if that same belief also leads you to feel inadequate, under-achieving, and constantly unhappy? What if you looked around and always felt like you never had enough? Then that belief, to never settle for second best, would not be serving you as well as another belief could. What if you changed the hope to “never settle for unhappiness”? Then you might find yourself happier and less jealous; still ambitious, but not to a fault.

How to Change to the Better Version Of Yourself

The key to becoming your best version of yourself is to identify beliefs that are limiting you, feelings that drive your behaviors and beliefs that bring out your best. If you will change your life, it is essential to know your views and opinions and to select better ones.

Better Version Of Yourself a baby on the table looking at you

Here’s a 4 step process on how to make any change:

1. You must want to change to the Better Version Of Yourself:

You must have such a strong desire to change that you’re willing to overcome the pain and challenges of change. Don’t just say you want to change. You must have a motivational desire to do so. If you lack this desire, then compare the pros and cons of turning to help build and reinforce that desire.

2. You must believe you can change:

This introduction may sound simple (and it is), but many people don’t think they can change for a lot of reasons. Instead of focusing on why you can’t change a specific thing or haven’t evolved it in the past, focus on the fact that you have made other changes and can change. Did you cut your hair? Then you turned. Did you learn something new? Then you changed. You don’t have to believe you can save the world, all you have to think is that you can change. Keep it simple to empower yourself to the Better Version Of Yourself.

3. Identify the belief in driving your behavior:

Look at the action you want to change (e.g., your behavior towards money, or love, or work, etc.). Ask yourself questions that start with what, when, where, how, and who about the behavior (avoid asking “why” questions because the answers are mostly judgments that will hold you back). “When does it happen?” “Who does it impact?” “How does it come about?” In asking these questions, your brain will give you answers that will help reveal what the underlying belief is. Keep asking questions until you uncover the core knowledge you feel is driving you. (e.g., “never settle for second best,” “money is power,” “love is only for the lucky,” etc.).

4. Choose a better belief:

Here’s the trick with change it’s not about brute-force, willpower. Instead of cutting off a leaf on a tree and expecting it not to grow back, you need to stop feeding the roots that feed the sheet. Then the leaf will fall off on its own and never come back. If your behavior is like the leaf on a tree, and the root is your core belief, you can stop feeding your old routine and create a new one by choosing a new idea that supports your goals.
Now, every time you experience the thoughts and events that trigger the old behavior, you’ll use the new belief in its place and experience those triggers and functions differently. The next step to be a  Better Version Of Yourself is what you can do.

Better Version Of Yourself a sign on a house wall Mind Your Head

10 Things to do to become the Better Version of yourself:

1. Find out the aspects that need to be changed:

“The most critical first step in your project Change is to know what you want to change. This recognitions requires self-knowledge. Next, you have to decide what the result of your changes should be. You should know the necessary steps that you need to take for your future behaviors.
You know yourself best, it says so. So if you want changes and identify the characteristics, you want to change, you can start. You can now approach self-improvement in a very targeted way. This improvement includes adding or reducing properties.

2. Start a measure for your change to the Better Version Of Yourself:

If you notice behaviors that you want to improve, you can not ignore them., do not ignore them. Don’t make excuses. Be committed to taking action. Most people don’t embrace change and take action.
You have the desire that your relationships with colleagues and fellow men changes, then you have to change. There is a specific mental repression process: You have discovered a problem that does not make you happy. Punish yourself with negative things that make you feel awful. You distract yourself and forget the issue. After a while, it is back. Don’t let your questions fall to the wayside; be proactive.

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3. Better Version Of Yourself to Let Go of Anger:

Making go of anger is easier said than done. The greed or craving for something is a normal emotion that you can not grow. Making decisions out of this feeling would be very unwise. There are now also studies that any anger and aggression serious health effects. This effects starts with stomach and intestinal problems and stops with heart attacks. To help you let go of anger, Roya R. Rad, MA, PsyD, suggests you write your feelings down, pray or meditate, or begin to manage your thoughts.

4. Empathize with others:

Many emphatic people have much of this empathy. As the term implies, they also want to know how you see the world. This trait is not egocentric or selfish. Both words have a negative touch. Do you see selfishness in you as the challenge begins with your change?

5. Strive for a healthy, positive attitude:

Take yourself, and your life is not too severe. Also try to increase your “frustration level,” as one former boss of mine said. What makes you likable as a person is your visible positive attitude and the curiosity of your conversation partner. Another issue is active listening. Engage in the conversation, challenge some of the problems that your opponent brings up.

6. Find confidence within for a Better Version Of Yourself:

Although introverts are not naturally communicative, engaging with others requires some extrovert personality factors. Positioning yourself right here, then there is a great way to make new relationships and contacts. It does not matter what your essential character traits are, introverted or extroverted. You must have your inner trust in every environment. You have to be self-confident and not afraid to approach others, which is necessary to engage with other people and situations. So try to be A Better Version Of Yourself every day.

7. Better Version Of Yourself and Out Your Benefits:

Introverts usually have the problem that they can not publish their message correctly. It does not matter how intelligent someone is, if they stay home and don’t reach out, nobody else will know their assets. And with extroverts, sometimes people are off-put by their demeanors and focus on their style instead of their substance.
A proverb says you should always hold up your flag; it doesn’t matter who you are. Believe in yourself and in what you have to offer the world. Do not be afraid that a person is not receptive or does not respond well. What makes you different is you with your strengths and weaknesses. Your step of self-improvement is another enrichment for you as a great person.

8. Collect valuable people in your immediate environment:

Does your environment promote the best in you? It is a simple question that can’t avoid. That is one of the most important things you can do for self-improvement and your Better Version Of Yourself. If asked, during the hard times, who contributed to the pain, failure, and lack of progress? I’m sure you can give me a long lineup, right? At the moment, your list for the enjoyable times maybe even shorter. The times you spend together with great people continue to make a difference in your personal development. See this as a homework assignment to find such people. This finding can also be over the internet (LinkIn or Xing).

Better Version Of Yourself surround yourself

9. Every day accept a bit more:

If you look in the mirror every morning, like most of us do, you say you are useful to other people and you. Your job is fun, and you are happy and satisfied. Such sentences or mantras we know from psychology. So you give yourself the incentive you need for daily challenges. If you are confident with yourself, you are also using it on your colleagues. That is a big step to the Better Version Of Yourself.

10. Always be open to change and conclusion of Better Version Of Yourself:

In Germany, there is a saying: “Try is about studying.” That means to try and gain practical experience is better than sitting at the desk. Go with open eyes and ears throughout the world. A free and positive attitude to life gives you growth, both privately and professionally.