Beginners weight training program worked for me. It can work for you, too!

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This beginners weight training program has these eight following points for your success. In the beginning, strength training is a new world for you as a fitness newbie. You are dealing with people who are practicing a real body cult. Sometimes you hear sounds that you would associate more with an animal. In workout routines for women, it’s different. Then your gaze falls on some of those big, bulky frames on which are hundreds of kilos of discs. Do not be confused; these are usually lovely guys who train their frustration away. To neglect that would be a severe mistake of yours.

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Beginners weight training program

The beginner’s weight training program gives you an overview of our general training rules for an optimal start in strength training. Also, rules of conduct on food and drugs. You can use this beginners weight training program both for losing weight and for building muscle. Beginners weight training program is suitable for your self-confidence. This advice I give you, as an experienced trainer for beginner weight lifting routine, is based on long-proven and modified experiences.

Beginners weight training program with training tips

1. First, you do always the warm-up:

A beginners weight training program begins with your cardiovascular training, a cardio warm-up. The heart rate must come to the right level. That will bring your entire organism up to operating temperature. The duration should be at least 10 – 15 minutes. You can get on a bike, walk comfortably, or stretch yourself dynamically (hold for 10-15 seconds, not longer). Your muscles become loose, and they supply well with blood.

2. The simplest thing would be to start with your body weight now:

You can do weight training at home too. Not to recommend ist that you are too heavy. Strength training means to let the muscle work against resistance. Sometimes you only need yourself or a big book or a full bottle. There are many ways to exercise. Your bodyweight could be possible to start there. To find out what’s for you.

3. In the beginning, two days a week are enough:

In the first month, two training days are enough. From the second month, you can take the third day. Later, you should do weight training on three to five days/week. Start carefully and give your body time to get used to the process. You start with 20-30 minutes and then increase, in 10-minute increments, until you’re at 60 minutes of pure weight training.

4. The right technique is essential:

As a newbie, you should get to know the proper form and technology right from the start. Ask a trainer and go through the individual devices with him. That brings you security in handling large equipment and dumbbell. As a result, you avoid training the wrong muscles. A coach can also create a training plan for you.

5. The right weight:

In a beginners weight training program, you must train each muscle. Differently, different weights are required. Therefore, you should test before the actual training what is the training weight for you. A basic rule is that it should be the weight that you get to the high way. So you have to touch it.

6. The right breathing technique is essential:

A significant point is your proper breathing. Inhale as you move the weight, exhale as you move it back. Heavy breathing worsens your performance. Besides, controlled breathing brings your concentration to a better level. And so you do the exercise even more controlled.

7. After a workout, the last step is to cool down or cooldown:

After the training session, the body has to return to an average everyday level. Here we come back to our beginning: You sit down on the ergometer and cycle freely about 10 – 15 minutes until the pulse is below 130 beats/minute. Another possibility is to stretch yourself. Stretching warm muscles will improve your mobility and make your muscles long again. In training, you always shorten it. The expansion phase is a static strain, and the stretching must take 20 to 30 seconds.

8. Rest breaks are essential:

In an earlier chapter, we already talked about muscle soreness. That causes small injuries in the muscles that cause this pain. Of course, you have to give these micro-injuries time to heal. Give your trained muscles at least 24 hours to recover. It could also be 48 hours. During this time you then train other areas of muscles. One day leg the other day the arms and on the third-day belly and so on. As a beginner, you sometimes overdo it and want too much at once.

Your advantages in weight lifting for beginners:

Strength training has many benefits!

1. You get more muscle and burn more calories, and it’s the quickest way to lose weight.

2. More muscle also means stronger bones through relief.

3. You reduce heart problems.

4. Lower diabetes risks.

5. It helps with weight loss and

6. Improves physical and mental well-being

A common question is: Why do not I get more muscle?

You can never say when you’re training and how much muscle you’ll get. For strength training, you have many complex elements to watch out. A significant sentence of mine that I just let stand and not explain is this: A muscle grows only after training! Despite this, you may eventually reach a point where it does not go on. This point all bodybuilders reach once. But do not give up.

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Some points that influence your success


1. You do not give yourself enough rest:

As mentioned briefly above, muscles only grow after exercise. They need time to grow or to heal. Give your muscles time after a workout! Rest for 24 – 48 hours to have time to build up and recover. Your sleep is the next aspect: Do you sleep less than 7 – 9 hours per night? That’s bad for athletes. It usually follows by performance decline and chronic fatigue.

2. Dare the next increase in your workout plan for beginners:

What do I mean by that? If you do more than 20 repetitions of your muscular strength exercises with 5 Kg and then you are not tired, it is time to increase. It’s ok if you do the workouts to lose weight. But if you want to build more muscle mass, increase your kilo number by 1 or 2 Kg. Your muscles need a new stimulus to grow. The last repetition of a sentence must challenge you.

3. The wrong repetition number of sets/repetitions:

What is your goal? Build more power; then you have to do fewer repetitions with heavier weights. Lean muscle or muscle endurance you increase with a higher repetition number and light weights.

4. Aesthetics or asymmetry:

If you want to have full-body strength, it is essential to train all vital muscle groups evenly. Your strength training workouts includes your arms, shoulders, legs, core, chest, and back with equal intensity. That looks aesthetically pleasing and has health benefits. Training only certain muscle groups will increase your risk of injury to these muscles. Also, your strength will be disproportionate.

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Do you eat the right food?

Provide your body with high-quality products. Consuming unhealthy foods with low nutritional value reduces your energy during exercise. And your muscles can not recover, repair, and become stronger.

Beginners weight training program with calorie counting by an app?

A colossal mistake of many newcomers and beginners is not to pay attention to what they eat. You should be able to estimate how much fat nuts have. Always keep track of your overall goal (muscle gain or fat loss).

If you want to gain weight in a beginners weight training program, you need a constant calorie surplus. I mean a continuous 200 – 300 calories more every day. These 200 – 300 calories on top of your daily calorie metabolic rate. What do you get your 2 kilos more muscle, if they hide under 10 pounds of extra fat?
The same principle can conversely also on fat loss. Here, you should take controlled 200 – 250 calories fewer calories.

Stay away from aggressive calorie reductions and diets

Otherwise, you lose experience, in addition to your fat and a lot of muscle mass. In free fitness and tracking apps such as Myfitnesspal or Yazio, entering your food is also relatively quick. If available, scan the bar code of your food packaging, then enter how many grams you eat and ready.
All data on calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein shows you the app on its own. The app automatically calculates everything together.

Start easy with a beginners weight training program

Macro distribution of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. But start with a simple nutrient distribution – for example, 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

You should have an ideal water intake for muscle building or fat loss

Water supports many metabolic processes in the body and is the simplest and cheapest variable that you can positively influence and use for your fitness goals. A good rule of thumb is to drink one liter of water per 20 kg of body weight.
Micronutrients – eat vegetables and fruits


Vegetables and fruits contain not only macronutrients but also micronutrients, which are essential for optimal metabolism and hormone balance.

In addition to a correct distribution of macronutrients, also ensure an adequate supply of micronutrients. Only then do you provide your body and your muscles with the ideal building blocks? A good eating rule is: make sure that you use at least 2-3 different colored vegetables in each meal. Especially plants with intense colors are full of antioxidants.

Be a fitness athlete

Reduce alcohol, do not smoke, and do not spend nights. All this hurts your recovery and your metabolism. Drinking regular alcohol causes conditionally increased fat intake. Your body uses the macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) first and foremost the alcohol.

Topic “Why am I not making any progress – please take a look at my nutrition or exercise plan.”

When I then ask the typical other factors such as recovery, alcohol, and co., these are usually the first factors that open up and have a negative influence. So do not underestimate.

Conclusion of beginners weight training program:

Strength training strengthens your body. It improves flexibility and balance. Try the routine that suits you best, but do not go too extreme; otherwise, you will be hurt.
Strength training, as well as other exercises, must be performed after consultation with your doctor. A trainer can present you with an excellent concept for your practice. If you want to go solo, the initial investment is just a pair of dumbbells and good shoes. I wish you always good practices and success with this beginners weight training program.

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